At MJM industries, we provide a wide range of contract manufacturing services for a number of industries and operations. Our team of experienced contract manufacturers is dedicated to delivering high-quality and reliable products that are designed to increase profitability and productivity for our customers.

Whether you are looking for design services, cable assembly, ultrasonic welding, or anything in between, MJM can provide. Learn more about how our ultrasonic welding services can benefit your operations.

Our Ultrasonic Welding Services

When it comes to terminations, the attachment of terminals and connectors can be done in a few different ways. Some of the possible methods include crimping, traditional soldering methods, reflow solder technology, and ultrasonic welding.

At MJM Industries we utilize ultrasonic welding as just one solution for the splicing of wires and/or cable assemblies. This process involves high-frequency vibrations, removing the need for mechanical crimp connections and provides very fast and efficient results with repeatable welds. The welds are more durable than other traditional methods of joining which improves the reliability of the product.

In addition to our ultrasonic welding services, MJM Industries offers a broad range of contract manufacturing services. Our additional services include:

Ultrasonic Welding for Various Industries

At MJM Industries, our services can be used across a variety of diverse industries.

Some of the core markets we work with include:

  • Commercial off-road
  • Automotive
  • Heavy equipment
  • Mass transit
  • Water treatment
  • Appliance
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial automation
  • Test and measurement
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Defense and military

For each and every market segment we serve, it is our goal to deliver top-tier customer service and the utmost client satisfaction. Contact us if you’re in need of ultrasonic welding services for your field.

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