M8/M12 Connectors

MJM Industries Adds Overmolded Junction Blocks to M8/M12 Product Line

MJM Industries, a world-class contract manufacturer of custom overmolded cable and wire harness assemblies serving a broad range of industries, proudly announces the availability of overmolded junction boxes, also known as “Y-blocks” to their arsenal of M8 and M12 products. Overmolded junction boxes are typically used where multiple M8 or M12 cable assemblies need [...]

Is ISO 9001 compliance right for your business? Why MJM Industries thinks it is.

ISO 9001 is the world's most recognized Quality Management System standard and is based on the idea of continual improvement. Achieving ISO 9001 compliance can help organizations efficiently and consistently meet the standards of their customers. This is achieved by building a framework that aligns with an organization's values and ensures consistent quality in [...]

Re-Shoring or Near-Shoring? Is it right for your business?

Imagine you’ve just been called upon by a local sales representative for an automation company. You may have known that salesperson for years and they might even be working from their home base right down the street from where you live. They are great at helping you find the solutions you need with the [...]

M8/M12 Coding Explained

M8/M12 coding can seem complex and confusing when specifying the proper connectors for your application. Industries today require specific communication and data transfer protocols using connectors that carry signals and information between electronic boards and components within a larger ecosystem. It’s important that the correct M8 and M12 connectors be specified to ensure efficient [...]

MJM Industries Unveils Customizable M8/M12 Cable Assemblies at The Assembly Show

MJM Industries was pleased to unveil our new customizable M8/M12 cable assemblies product offering at The Assembly Show, held in Chicago on October 26- 28, 2021. New Standard and Customizable Over-Molded M8/M12 Connector Assemblies Available. As part of our over-molded connector products, MJM Industries offers both standard and custom M8/M12 cable assemblies for customers [...]

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