MJM Industries, a world-class contract manufacturer of custom overmolded cable and wire harness assemblies serving a broad range of industries, proudly announces the availability of overmolded junction boxes, also known as “Y-blocks” to their arsenal of M8 and M12 products.

Overmolded junction boxes are typically used where multiple M8 or M12 cable assemblies need to be spliced together. For example, if an application requires 18 connectors, a Y-block can help consolidate this assembly into six connections for a more efficient application. These overmolded junction boxes provide a higher level of ingress protection making them an ideal choice for harsh or rugged environments – all for a cost-effective solution. 

Y-block assemblies from MJM Industries are customizable, offering multiple input and output configurations, with each cable having its own integrated strain relief. The junction box includes mounting holes and utilizes a proprietary overmolding process protecting the internal wire connections as well as providing ingress protection to IP67 and beyond. The internal wire connections can be mechanically spliced, soldered, or ultrasonically welded, offering superior performance to conventional splicing methods. 

About MJM Industries

MJM Industries is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom over-molded cable assemblies, wire and cable assemblies, as well as flat flex and co-axial cable assemblies. Some of our value-added services include laser wire stripping for holding ultra-tight tolerances and 3-D modeling for all markets. From concept to finished product, the MJM Industries staff works to ensure that all parts are manufactured to exacting standards. 

For more information, contact MJM Industries at 440-350-1230 or visit our website at www.mjmindustries.com