What is an M8/M12 Field Wireable Connector?

M8/M12 field wireable connectors allow a technician to manually assemble or retrofit an existing assembly that is currently installed in the field and can not be sent back to the factory for repair or replacement. Field wireable connectors can be used to build a custom patch cable or repair an existing wire harness or assembly. These M8 and M12 connectors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Field wireable connectors are also used in installations where the overall length of the cable assembly is unknown and must be determined in the field. These connectors typically include a terminal body with screw-clamp terminals, a back-shell, or a body comprised of plastic or metal and a cable grommet.

What are the key differences between field wireable and custom overmolded connectors?

M8/M12 field wireable connectors are made of several loose components that are assembled in the field. Custom overmolded connectors produced by MJM Industries are created by crimping or soldering wires to a terminal body and then injecting a molten thermoplastic over the connection. This process forms a solid, encapsulated outer shell that holds all internal components in place, bonds to the cable, and is less susceptible to failure. Since this overmolded assembly is created in the factory, it can then be tested and verified for quality control.

What applications are field wireable connectors used?

Field wireable M8/M12 connectors from MJM Industries are a low-cost and effective method for making a quick repair in the field and are a better solution for equipment installations that require disassembly or periodic rebuilds. However, employing a custom overmolded assembly from MJM Industries is more cost-effective during new installations and a better choice to use in demanding or corrosive environments. MJM Industries offers both overmolded and field wireable connectors. Overmolded solutions tend to be more suitable for new and high-volume applications where retrofits, repairs and custom installations typically require a field wireable solution.

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