M8/M12 coding can seem complex and confusing when specifying the proper connectors for your application.

Industries today require specific communication and data transfer protocols using connectors that carry signals and information between electronic boards and components within a larger ecosystem. It’s important that the correct M8 and M12 connectors be specified to ensure efficient data transfer.

The M12 connector features a circular 12-mm threaded head that provides a rugged, flexible means to connect to a variety of other components or equipment. The M12 connector was designed for use in corrosive environments, although M12 connectors can also be used in environments requiring high data transfer rates. Primary uses of this connector are in industrial automation, including actuators, industrial Ethernet, sensors, Profibus, and Fieldbus. M12 connectors are coded based on whether they need to carry data or power.

M8 connectors, with an 8-mm circular coupler, are specifically used in industrial automated systems, typically linking sensors, actuators, and switches. M8 connectors can be used for similar applications as M12, but have a smaller footprint incorporating an 8mm threaded head.

For data applications, MJM Industries offers connectors coded with the labels A, B, D, or X. These connectors are available with 3, 4, 5, or 8 pins, depending on the number of signals, type of signals, and type of interface involved in the connection. The different coding options provide accurate mating of component connections and prevent communication and data transfer errors.

Custom M8/M12 cable assemblies from MJM Industries can be provided with either shielded or unshielded UL Listed cable in 1” lengths. These cables can be provided with M12 connectors on both ends or can have a variety of connectors on the B-side. Options include blunt end, flying lead, D-sub, RJ11, RJ45, USB 2.0, and many more.

M8 and M12 Coding offer a variety of applications, depending on your application needs:

–“A Coding” for M8 and M12 connectors are typically used for signal transfer but can be used for low power applications as well. Due to its easy accessibility and availability, A Coding is usually the default coding used.

–“B Coding” typically uses 3, 4, or 5 pins in various Fieldbus applications.

– “D” and “X” Coding are used for Ethernet applications. These connectors provide high-speed data transfer. D Coding connectors are used for 100MB applications while X Coding connectors are used for higher speeds such as 10GB applications.

Specifying the correct M8/M12 Coding is crucial for the proper performance of your cabling systems.

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