MJM industries provides contract manufacturing services for military and defense application. We are ITAR compliant and we produce high-quality and reliable products that ensure productivity and profitability, and we can fulfill your cable assemble and wire harness needs.

With experience in defense contract manufacturing, MJM Industries has the knowledge and skills needed to supply military wire harness assemblies that are durable and long lasting.

Cable Assemblies for the Military and Defense Fields

Whether you need wire harness assemblies for the military or flat flex cable assemblies for defense or anything else, MJM Industries can provide standard or custom configurations for your project. Our team of experts will work directly with you to find or create the product you need for the application requirements.

Some of the materials used in assembly production include:

  • Multi conductor
  • Flat ribbon cable
  • Round-flat ribbon cable
  • Discrete wire
  • Co-axial RF cable
  • Large gauge power cable
  • Ethernet cable – CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6a, CAT 7
  • Composite cable

In addition to defense wire harness assemblies, MJM provides a wide range of services which sets us apart from other manufacturers. Other services we provide to our partners include:

Other Industries

Outside of defense and military wire harness assemblies, MJM Industries has extensive experience in the following industries:

  • Commercial off-road
  • Automotive
  • Heavy equipment
  • Mass transit
  • Water treatment
  • Appliance
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Test and measurement
  • And more!

For each industry, we strive to deliver the best customer service and client satisfaction to all our partners in the large variety of market segments we serve.

More About MJM Industries

At MJM Industries, everything we produce is constructed in-house at our facility near Cleveland, Ohio. As a leading manufacturer for defense and military organizations, we aim to provide all our customers with durable, long-lasting assemblies at competitive prices. Through our custom technology and efficient processes, our assemblies are 100% electrically tested to meet the demands of your project.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to produce high- and low-volume orders of custom harness and cable assemblies no matter the size. More specifically, our automated and semi-automated equipment allows for UL and non-UL wire processing, including several variations of wire insulations and cable ranging from 4/0 to 32 gauge.

The quality systems MJM Industries uses for products are prevention-based, client centered, and compliant with leading U.S. and international standards of safety. In addition to these qualifications, MJM Industries is an ITAR compliant military contract manufacturing company.

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Choose MJM Industries for Defense Wire Harness Cable Assembles

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